This portrays a general view of the interior of the church. The wooden
screen is decorated with geometrical patterns of ebony and ivory inlay.

The church of St. Barbara is among the churches of Old Cairo of historic importance. It was originally dedicated to St. Cyrus and St. John who were worshipped for their healing powers. A small church at the northeastern corner of the building commemorates these two martyrs. Documents from the 13th century mention that the relics of St. Barbara were kept in this church. Many of its precious items, like two door panels, a wooden screen, an icon and Bible caskets were transferred to the nearby Coptic Museum. The basilican structure and tripartite sanctuary of the church closely resembles the one of Abu Sarga. The church of St. Barbara houses some of the rarest icons.

An ancient icon showing the martyr St. Barbara. In the background is a tower where
she was locked by her resentful father.

The central wooden screen is crowned by three icons depicting Jesus Christ in the
middle, the Virgin Mary on the left side and John the Baptist on the right side.

A precious icon from the 13th century shows the enthroned
Virgin Mary and Jesus sitting on her lap.

The marble pulpit of the Church of St. Barbara served as a
model for the modern pulpit of the nearby Church of Abu Sarga.

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